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Alfresco Enterprise Content Managment

Seed offers consulting services for Open Source Content Management solutions, specialising in Alfresco Enterprise Content Management. Alfresco is the first open source ECM solution that comprises a truly enterprise offering. Functionality for Document & Records management, Digital Asset Management as well as Web Content Management are included on one platform. Alfresco includes advanced enterprise features such as the ability to have a distributed repository in a highly available environment. Alfresco is not just Open Source but is also Open Standard based, allowing it to be integrated into an enterprises current knowledge management systems using technologies such as REST and WebDav. Alfresco was founded in 2005 by ECM visionaries John Newton and John Powell who had recently left Documetum and Business Objects. They brought their considerable experience and learning into the design of Alfresco in order to ensure the Alfresco platform can be quickly and effectively rolled out to an organisation while ensuring maximum ROI on the ECM implementation. We would be delighted to give you a demonstration of Alfresco so that you get a better picture of this truly exceptional open source ECM.


Ephesoft, Inc., delivers our exclusive Smart Capture™ intelligent capture technology on-premise or in a SaaS model. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Ephesoft has crafted the next generation of intelligent document capture in a simple and cost effective applica-tion. Ephesoft’s use of open standards and web-based software offers extreme flexibility and accessibility for a wide range of custom-ers. Our superior classification technology allows organizations to automate and stream-line mailroom processing and other docu-ment-based business processes. Ephesoft software captures and extracts data from un-structured documents with ease, adding an-other layer of efficiency and cost-savings to your operation.

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