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Seed is dedicated to ensuring you always gain the maximum value from your content. Our support services are designed to ensure you get the most from your ECM Solution investment by supporting your users while keeping the system healthy, fast and clean. We focus on your solution and not just your system allowing us to work closely with both your business users and system admins to nourish your information through the many years you require it.

Safe & Sound

Our solution support services give you piece of mind by focusing on the following core concerns:

Information and System Availability
We carry out multiple activities to ensure that the system is always up and that your documents are available. We a carrying out proactive monthly health checks as a preventative process to prevent issues arising in the first place. In case of incident we actively monitor the Alfresco system and its supporting software to ensure we are made aware of and can resolve any issues as quickly as possible. This has been shown to be highly effective in keeping your information available 24/7.

Information Integrity
We work with you to identify how content should be managed over a prolonged period of time and create processes to apply to your content to meet your requirements. We also carry out lower level data clean up tasks such as clearing deleted and orphaned content and keeping your database and search indexes healthy.

Issue Resolution
For issues raised Seed can provide root cause analysis, find and fix, tracking and reporting. As a customer you will be provided with a support portal to raise and track cases with us. Monthly support meetings are held to track cases and determine resolution and prevention outcomes.

Continuity and Improvement
We help you gain value from your ECM investment by providing knowledge transfer sessions and by cross pollinating experience gained from our other projects. We run quarterly workshops to keep you up to date, discuss solution enhancements whilst continuously collaborating with your team to provide advice and understanding where required.

Seed also provide Upgrades
As part of general system maintenance Seed provides upgrade services for your system and solution. We have a well proven upgrade process to ensure smooth and successful upgrades of both the Alfresco Repository and your individual solution.

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