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Bring Your Content to Life!

Your Content does not exist in a vacuum and therefore sharing content through integrated systems is part of our mission to Bring Your Content To Life. Seed have been helping organisations integrate their ECM managed content with on-premise and cloud systems for over 10 years. Our consultants have the technical know-how and system experience to help you integrate with your preferred line of business systems. We specialise in customisation and systems integration to deliver an Alfresco installation that meets your specific enterprise needs and requirements.

Take a REST

Seed have a thorough understanding and expertise in using CMIS and REST based services to integrate with your ECM. We have enabled CMIS integrations from Alfresco directly to other systems such as PEGA BPM, Activiti or as an endpoint for ESB’s such as Mulesoft. Seed have also written custom REST API’s where appropriate such as to encapsulate business logic into single transaction, proxy a user or access a content level service not available through CMIS.

Unique Integration Solutions

There are a number of ways to integrate to Alfresco using File System Protocols such as Webdav, FTP and CMIS. Seed have developed a number of innovative integration solutions to process items as they are captured in Alfresco. This form of integration is often used to support legacy systems that do not have an integration API which can call REST based interfaces. An example of this is integrating to a mail print application that may only spool content to a filesystem.

The Ephesoft Difference

Ephesoft can quickly be used to improve the efficiency of paper driven business processes for documents such as Mortgage Loan Applications, Insurance Claims, Invoices & Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Medical Claims and HR documents. Integrating Ephesoft with your ECM allows you to classify and separate pages into documents, extract metadata using the OCR content of a document, provide end user exception handling and release to ECM systems. As an Ephesoft Platinum Partner we provide implementation and support services for Ephesoft Enterprise. We can help you in the full document processing lifecycle from building Ephesoft capture applications, integrations with external systems and release to an ECM such as Alfresco.

Get Your Content Working For You

In a digital world we believe that your content is valuable both within - and external to - your organisation. We believe your content should be working for you and we can help you integrate your ECM managed content with whatever web portal you require. Examples of integrations we have worked on include a website and community portal for a national car manufacturer, a website to display electronic education books and a government information portal for E-Health.

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